Episode 008 – Whew!

Whew!Episode 008 – Whew! I’m finally back down to 231.  Let’s talk this week about eating habits related to time of day, and what times of day are best for exercise.

Also my Website of the Week: National Bike Challenge

Gear of the Week: Outdoor Products Iceberg Hydration Pack

Episode 007 – Pedaling backward

Pedaling backwardHaving a little weight setback? Not to worry, it may not be a bad thing – yet.  Join me on this week when I talk about gaining a couple of pounds, a special interview with Steve Mitchell from the Permian Basin Bicycle Association, and a little food talk about beet root.

Website of the Week:  Bicycling.com

App of the Week: Daily Carb

Episode 006 – No Change Is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

No Change Is Not Necessarily a Bad ThingThis week I suffered a plateau – or did I? I discuss how when the needle doesn’t move, it does not mean failure.  It could mean progress!

Also, a brief discussion on energy bars/gels and that calorie-to-burn ratio you need watch for when consuming them.

App of the Week: Strava

Website of the Week: EasyCycling.com (Rebecca Ramsay)

Gear of the Week: Cygolite Hotshot