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GOTC on Hold

I’ve decided to put Get Off the Couch on hold for a while.  You may have noticed there have not been any new episodes lately.  I’m really focusing on my other show, Voices of Texas, and I expect to be directing a lot of my energies at that project.

That said, I do plan to revive GOtC, perhaps this fall.  In the mean time, please give my other show a listen at, or look it up on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.


Matthew Hinman
Host, Get Off the Couch

Episode 009 – When You Feel Ill

Episode 009 – When You Feel Ill

Sometimes we get a little under the weather and it can be hard to maintain our routine.  This episode I talk about  traveling, getting sick, and a little confession.


Episode 008 – Whew!

Whew!Episode 008 – Whew! I’m finally back down to 231.  Let’s talk this week about eating habits related to time of day, and what times of day are best for exercise.

Also my Website of the Week: National Bike Challenge

Gear of the Week: Outdoor Products Iceberg Hydration Pack

Episode 007 – Pedaling backward

Pedaling backwardHaving a little weight setback? Not to worry, it may not be a bad thing – yet.  Join me on this week when I talk about gaining a couple of pounds, a special interview with Steve Mitchell from the Permian Basin Bicycle Association, and a little food talk about beet root.

Website of the Week:

App of the Week: Daily Carb

Episode 006 – No Change Is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

No Change Is Not Necessarily a Bad ThingThis week I suffered a plateau – or did I? I discuss how when the needle doesn’t move, it does not mean failure.  It could mean progress!

Also, a brief discussion on energy bars/gels and that calorie-to-burn ratio you need watch for when consuming them.

App of the Week: Strava

Website of the Week: (Rebecca Ramsay)

Gear of the Week: Cygolite Hotshot

Episode 005 – Two hundred thirty one point two

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 7.12.09 PMThis week I cover rules of the road for cyclists, a little on my first MTB outing, and a couple of great websites.

People For Bikes

League of American Bicyclists

App of the Week: Endomondo

Episode 004 – Mountain Biking and Longboarding

I’m joined this time by Permian Basin residents Josh Cranfill and Curtis Hendricks, who both mountain bike and longboard.  Learn more about these sports, as well as my weekly weigh-in, and a discussion on eating fats.

Gear of the Week: White Lightning Clean Ride bike lube

App of the Week: MapMyRide+

Time Magazine’s article on eating fats: Click Here


Episode 003 – 235 Pounds

scaleIn this episode, I review the Giro Bravo gloves, the amazing Runtastic Road Bike app, and of course, my weekly weigh-in.

Article: How to Train Your Brain to Love Healthy Food (Livestrong)

Episode 002 – With the Wife

04_sportband_img_big-rs-100051188-orig-100051231-galleryNikki joins me this week as we talk about hydration, curbing food cravings, and I review the Misfit Shine and the Outback Magnetic Trainer.

App of the Week: MyPlate by Livestrong

Product Review: Misfit Shine

Product Review: Outback Magnetic Trainer

Episode 001 – The Journey Begins Again

Rick Perry
In 2012 when I was overweight, seen here with then-Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Join me as I start anew on losing weight by cycling, eating better, and healthier living. In this episode, I introduce myself to you and where this journey will take me – and you!