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Episode 006 – No Change Is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

No Change Is Not Necessarily a Bad ThingThis week I suffered a plateau – or did I? I discuss how when the needle doesn’t move, it does not mean failure.  It could mean progress!

Also, a brief discussion on energy bars/gels and that calorie-to-burn ratio you need watch for when consuming them.

App of the Week: Strava

Website of the Week: EasyCycling.com (Rebecca Ramsay)

Gear of the Week: Cygolite Hotshot

Episode 002 – With the Wife

04_sportband_img_big-rs-100051188-orig-100051231-galleryNikki joins me this week as we talk about hydration, curbing food cravings, and I review the Misfit Shine and the Outback Magnetic Trainer.

App of the Week: MyPlate by Livestrong

Product Review: Misfit Shine

Product Review: Outback Magnetic Trainer